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Baptismal Form

Information on Baptism


On behalf of the Parish Team, we would like to congratulate you on the birth of your child, and we look forward to accompanying you as you prepare to celebrate this important Sacrament. Baptism celebrates & marks the first and foundational step on the journey of faith. The following are some points that may be helpful. 



 1. Baptisms usually take place on the last Sunday of each month unless       otherwise announced.

 2. A Baptism request form to be completed by both parents and returned to the Presbytery along with a Photocopy of your Child’s Birth Certificate.

 3. Parents will be required to attend an information evening on Baptism, two to three weeks before the Baptism.  We will notify you of the date in    good time. Godparents may also attend this session.

4. The “Blessing of Welcome” for your child happens during one of the week-end Masses before the Baptism. Date & time can be agreed during the information evening.



 5. Basic requirement is for one sponsor. If you have two Godparents, they   have to be male and female.

 6. Godparents need to be Catholic, and the minimum age is sixteen and they must have received Confirmation.


Other Points:


7. For the Baptism itself,  you will need a white Baptismal shawl/robe.            Sometimes these have been passed down as family heirlooms.

 8. Baptismal Candles can be purchased from the Sacristy or the Presbytery.

 9. If you contribute to the upkeep of the parish by “Standing Order* or the  Weekly Envelope,” then payment is not expected. If you do not     contribute by these means, then a stipend can be  given to the Priest on the day of the Baptism.

* Please consider supporting the parish by Standing order or weekly envelopes. Please ask for details.